Aza Mansongi was born and raised in the Democratic Republic of Congo. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Academie des Beaux arts de Kinshasa, the Fine Art school of Kinshasa.


She is now based in Douala in Cameroon and she has exhibited extensively through group and solo exhibitions in the DR Congo, South Africa, France, Switzerland and USA.

Alternating between painting and sculpture when she began, today Mansongi loves to use her brush and paints to creatively capture a likeness. Completely inspired by her direct social environment, her painting is primarily the reflection of the vision of her world first then that of the society.

 Aesthetically, her painting is a mix of abstract character with bright colours and the particularly noticeable presence of strong lines. She usually calls her painting, in her own words:  “The dance of lines”.

Mansongi’s work is included in several private collections in Africa and the world.