Olivier Matuti known as one of the leaders of the Librisme revolution, an artistic philosophy developed by a group of young artists in Kinshasa around 1997 is a German trained fine artist. He left his home country The Democratic Republic of Congo around 1998. His work is aesthetically African-inspired and is characterised by a great variety of bright colours.

Despite the strong connection with the culture of his homeland that can be easily noted from his often-large-scale paintings, Olivier Matuti also likes to add the influence of the world around him in his artwork, carefully analysing the different values ​​and then interpreting them artistically. The mostly figurative representations are often alienated in the manner of the abstract painting style.

Defining himself as an artist without any artistic connotation, Olivier Matuti's  artistic approach is based first on the observation of his environment, the evolution of his life and his everyday life. This explains why when he stands in front of his canvas, all these elements explode through his magic brushes and his use of colour.