Born and raised in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Frank Dikisongele Zatumua is a painter and teacher at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kinshasa.

 The work of the artist is marked by a touch of bright colours. Dikisongele synthesizes through his palette , major social concerns, strongly internalised personally, which appear in the form of an interpellation to humanity. The mystery of time can be seen in his works through signs, masks to the clock. The latter exalted in his paintings represents the fleeting aspect of time. He advocates the advent of the time of peace and a new era of a better world. These epicurean ideas develop in his search for new expressions to accomplish his task of conditioning minds. Dikisongele's painting is an implosion of inner feelings; feelings of anguish, uncertainty, a little close to revolt. Armed with his brush, the artist rebels against the current situation of his country; a situation made of troubles and mismanagement of public affairs amongst other factors. Dikisongele’s painting challenges society to take into account the passage of time.