Graduated from the School of Fine Art at Sudan University in 1990. After his studies, he worked as a gragphic designer at several advertising companies up to 1993. After that he became a freelance artist, producing works in the tradition of The Khartoum School, a modernist art movement formed in Sudan in 1960 that sought to develop a new visual vocabulary to reflect the distinctive identity of the newly independent nation.

He is a member of the Sudanese Artists Association,the Drawing Society and the South African Society of Artists. Like many of his friends he left Sudan in the mid-nineties and settled for some years in Nairobi. After a short stay in Cologne, Germany he came back to East Africa and he has lived for several years in Kampala, Uganda.

He participated in many workshops in Sudan, China, Germany, Kenya, Uganda, among other countries.He has also exhibited in Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, South-Africa, Uganda, Eritrea, China, South Korea and many other countries.