Ley Mboramwe hails from the Democratic Republic of Congo. He completed his degree in fine art at the `Academie des Beaux – Arts' in (Kinshasa). His life experiences in the Congo, its suffering, beauty, politics, culture and economic circumstances is evident in his work.
Through his work, he tries to convey rhythm, emotion and freedom of the human spirit. His silhouetted figures are not only a representation of the physical self, but rather an amalgamation of flesh and spirit. The spirit as something in search of an original rock painting. Painting that for him represents a time when a man was true and whole. It is also because of this, he sees his work as a bridge between spirit and earth.
The human body is used as a means of storytelling and a reflection of life, where stories, such as looting, hunger, disease, nightmares, dream and the joys of human existence are theoretically portrayed.
Ley Mboramwe attempts to transfigure flesh into spirit, flesh into the depths of human suffering and happiness, flesh into the inner beauty and despairs of human life. He uses the body as a mirror to the soul.