Justin Kasereka was born in 1987 in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He grew up between two wars in Goma, in 1994 with the influx of refugees fleeing the genocide in Rwanda and the long wars of liberation. This situation of perpetual insecurity had an influence on his drawings where he travels according to his imagination. In 2006, he moved to Kinshasa and pursued studies in Visual Communication at the Academy of Fine Arts where he participated in several comic book projects and animation techniques. In 2011, Justin Kasereka returned to his Kivu Natal where the splendour of the landscapes contrasts with the centre of repeated wars. Since then, he has tried to reconcile these contrasts and find a tool, a place, a role and an identity through his artistic creations.


Justin Kasereka's work is a series of decomposition-recomposition of  images that result in a set of concept-object interlocking. It is a dive into African ethnographic symbolism and a projection towards a possible future through a daring aesthetic. It is dreamlike work that sells us awakening and revolt to the limit. Justin Kasereka plays with the stereotypes he analyzes through a geometric filter. It is an art that celebrates greatness and projects us out of collective and selective amnesia.