Thierry VAHWERE Croco aka "Tv Croki" is a self-taught Congolese visual artist born in Beni in 1985 and lives and works in Goma, DR Congo. Living on the rebel side of a country dismembered by war at the time, he creates the collective of young painters in Goma in 2005. Vahwere sees a glimmer of hope with the reunification of the country which allowed his participation in a comic book fair in Kinshasa. This experience gave him wings and since then he has united the creative forces in his native Kivu in order to offer another page of history, a story of glory and dignity.

Vahwere's approach revolves around the body, a dismembered corpse, dismantled in pursuit of mineral and vital resources. This is a picture of a society dissected with a winning scalpel. Vahwere's work questions the place of the human in this race of human-machine alloy alliances.
Vahwere's aesthetic symbiosis gives us bodies like Frankenstein, assembled by doubts, experiences and aspirations and which struggle to find an identity.