‘’Hundred or without face (In english)’’
July 21, 2020
Cent ou sans visage by Olivier Matuti (© Demif Gallery)
Cent ou sans visage by Olivier Matuti (© Demif Gallery)

CENT OU SANS VISAGE, (2018),  in English "hundred or without  face" is a diptych; a double painting created by one artist, in this case, Olivier Matuti. The body of work is superbly executed with a strong aesthetic finish, showcasing the artist’s mastery of the smearing technique and satisfying demonstration of tranquil abstract painting on canvas using acrylic and a palette knife. The piece showcases earthy tones highlighted by blue, azure, navy, cobalt and components of Indigo. Muted yellow tones with elements of dandelion and gold are some of the attention-grabbing features of this piece. Additionally, the artist manages to add fiery burnt Orange colours like sandstone, hunter and Kelly green, all depicted on an ivory white background.

The body of work depicts a faceless giant with a hundred eyes. Matuti is questioning whether the giant has 100 faces or he doesn't have one at all. Rarely diving into his personal situation, this work is one of the few pieces where he actually highlights his profound thoughts in how he perceives life. The giant represents the role of which is standing above issues and overcoming challenges; one need to stand above problems that life throws at us. At the same time, the role of the man is to provide and protect his loved ones. The latter is captured by the hundred eyes, in order to protect one need to be vigilant, aware of every movement in his direct and indirect surroundings. At the same time, the eyes should be activated in order to provide, looking for opportunities in every direction and every corner. Concurrently, the giant without a face symbolises deep-rooted values such as servitude, sacrifice and self-abnegation; a denial or abasement of oneself in order for others to strive. The body of work is a narration of Matuti’s life, moving from the Congo to Germany, finding ways of supporting his family and starting a new life in a new country as an artist.; overcoming all of the hurdles creating the man who he is today. According to Matuti, the message is essentially about people transcending themselves and becoming greater than themselves in service of others.

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