Interview with artist Laurence White

Apr 12, 2021


EN : What are your thoughts about the role of social media in the art world?
LW : Personally, I believe that moving forward social media will help bridge the gap between the Artist and their consumer(s).  Whilst, I do not think that the gallery system will be replaced, it is extremely interesting to see how galleries are slowly getting to grips with and adapt now that there is a huge focus on online spaces and digitisation. Seeing how they can best position themselves in order to capitalise on a world which is driving towards becoming ever more digital will be extremely interesting. Ultimately, social media itself has meant that access to art and visibility of artists is broadened and having a well-established online presence can be the crux to carving out a successful career in the Art space; this is mainly due to being able to having access to a worldwide audience of potential clients, collectors and also other business opportunities.


EN : As an artist, what are your thoughts on Clubhouse and its future? 
LW : I think that Clubhouse is one of the most innovative apps to have come out in the social media space over the last couple of years. Unlike many other platforms such as Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn, Clubhouse is not an outward projecting platform; instead it is built on 'live conversation' which facilitates real connections and relationships – being active on the platform is extremely beneficial in in order to grow organically.


I think as audio networks become more widely available, if Clubhouse is able to adapt quickly and add the features that users are desperately asking for, it could become a major player in the audio space within the realm of social media. This does however this depends on how they respond to challenges from Twitter Spaces, Instagram and Spotify which are releasing similar audio network platforms.

For me, the beauty of Clubhouse as an artist has been the ability to connect with an array of experts, professionals and artists alike who I would have otherwise been extremely unlikely to come in to contact with. The wealth of knowledge, critiques and opinions which is being encompassed and shared within the platform is extremely valuable to so many.


EN : How have you been using Clubhouse?
LW : In the short period of time that I have been on the app, I understand it to be a platform that will be most beneficial if treated as a long term play. Establishing myself as a thought-provoking leader in the art space and adding value in the 'rooms' I enter is critical as Clubhouse continues to expand when it comes out of beta-testing and is made widely available to android users.

For these reasons I created my own club within the app called ART: which brings together experts in the art industry from curators to gallerists to art advisors to establish a presence amongst the art world elite. Ultimately, I believe that over time the connections that are made on the platform will help take my own art brand to the next level. That being said, for now focusing on genuine connections with great people is the priority.  

EN : What have you learned from Clubhouse?
LW : Clubhouse has and continues to be extremely useful and beneficial; up until now there has not been a platform or a space with the ability to access so many experts and art professionals in one place. As a result, I have been able to gain knowledge, advice and critique on my own work which in turn has helped to improve my personal practice.

More importantly, I believe it has been an amazing tool to learn and understand the thoughts and feelings of others withing the art world and the upcoming trends in the market. One specific example of this would be in regard to Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and their prevalence in the art space over the last few months; interesting discussions have focused around the way that galleries and art professionals believe NFTs could help or hinder your brand as an artist.  

EN : Why should other artists to get on Clubhouse?
LW : I feel very passionately about bringing more artists onto the Clubhouse platform as I believe the wealth of knowledge and the authenticity that it affords is currently unrivalled when compared to other social media platforms. I believe that artists should be on the app so that they can make connections and unlock doors to people that they would have never otherwise been able to have access to. I do realise that forging these connections can take time which I do not think may are willing or able to do. Unlike Instagram for example where you can post and let the algorithm do the work for you, with Clubhouse multiple hours of active use on the app are required; to build real genuine connections and relationships you do have to be willing to put in the time and effort.


EN : How can people connect with you? 

LW : I run a Club call Art: and I run rooms on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursdays at 21.00 GMT and you can also follow me on instagram:



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