ART: A Value Preserving Asset with Conscience?

ONLINE 24 September 2020 

The Art Dialogues convenes a niche community of art investors, financiers, insurers, art funds, family offices, foundations, endowments, collectors, creators, curators, gallerists, and designers at the intersection of cultural impact for knowledge-sharing, inspiration, collecting and investing in Art.

In these uncertain times, investors and high-net-worths are turning to value-preserving art assets to either provide benefits of diversification that can help them weather market volatility or raise cash from their art assets to meet margin calls on their investment portfolios. However, many still argue that the perception of art as an investment-grade asset class may have been overdone. Citing the illiquid and opaque nature of the art market, as well as the limited data available for accurate investment analysis.

How investable is modern and contemporary art as an alternative asset class? To what extent has COVID-19 shifted the perception of modern and contemporary art as an investable asset? To what extend will digitization and emerging art technology make the art more transparent and accessible as an asset class? How can this impact art valuations and benchmarking with other asset classes? Beyond art acquisition and investing - Whats does sustainability and impact mean for the art industry?

The Art Dialogue series places emphasis on curating an ecosystem of professionals with an appetite for noteworthy and emerging modern and contemporary art.