Demif Gallery, Publication, August 20, 2019



26 AUGUST 2019


Demif Gallery is delighted to announce the opening of a new online art gallery with a mission to promote cultural diversity by supporting young artists from ethnic minorities, with a special focus on contemporary African art.


Founded by Didier Demif, a trained artist and specialist communication, will be launch on the 26th of August 2019. 

The website offers a new standard for collecting and promoting contemporary art. Apart from offering online pricing and purchasing, it is the place where those in the know go to uncover art gems curated by Didier Demif, the gallery manager and founder who has selected the cream of a new breed of modern art. 

Demif Gallery has been developed with passion and is dedicated to art lovers and collectors. The website sells artwork from the best emerging talent and young artists from the UK and around the world.


On top of this exciting digital offer, Demif Gallery also will commission art, organise and run pop up art exhibitions and take part in national and international art fairs.


For its launch, Demif Gallery will celebrate the work of seven contemporary African artists such as Maurice Mbikayi who has sold several piecesat Bonham’s auction, Claudy Khan, whose artwork can be found in the collections of many royals and heads of States and Aza Mansongi.


Edo Ndeke, a contemporary Art enthusiast and Demif Gallery’s commercial manager, says: 

“The appetite for new stories and artists is in high demand and over the last couple of years we have seen a lot of young talent come into the limelight and this is only the tip of the iceberg. There are so many other artists out there eager to tell their stories as well, and it is our responsibility to create a platform for themand an ecosystemin order to showcase their work”. 

In regard to to the gallery’s mission, Ndeke explains the focus on the Contemporary African art:  

“My professional involvement comes from my passion for art and Africa, as a member of the African diaspora; I have seen that there is a strong feeling among young people who identify themselves as part of the third culture. They want to connect among each other, but also with their countries of origin. At Demif Gallery, we want to facilitate this three-way conversation between the host countries, the diaspora and the country of origin”. 

He adds: “In the host countries, we want to use art to tell a story of diversity, but also of inclusion, and help bridge the gap with the countries of origin”.

Demif Gallery’s project managerSerge Mazodila, says: “A lot of the young people from the diaspora feel detached from their roots, as stories from their home countries are told primarily through the mainstream media. We want to show a different side of the realities on the ground. We would like to take people on an exciting journey across the rest of the globe by discovering young, talented artists who will capture their imagination”.  



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